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Your one stop shop for discounted telecom products and services, specializing in personal, home and business solutions. 

Located in the heart of Wayndale at 6720 Old Trail Road, Fort Wayne, In.  At the intersection of Old Trail Road and Lower Huntington Road.  260.755.2612.

  - PagePlus
  - Simple Mobile
  - Airvoice
  - Activations
  - Refill minutes
  - No contracts
  - No hassles

  - Cable & satellite TV
  - Credit cards
  - Telephone
  - Utilities
  - Wireless phones
  - Other financials


 - Batteries
 - Bluetooth
 - Cases
 - Chargers
 - Ear piece
 - Holders
 - Jewelry clips

 - Men's and women's watches
 - Men's and women's wallets
 - Hand bags
 - Sunglasses
 - Gift box sets

 - UPS drop                    
 - Letters
 - Small boxes
 - Medium boxes

 Save money on services for the home
 including gas, home security, internet
 satellite TV and VOIP phone service

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 Competitive marketing solutions with business elite service, text alerts.  Low rate merchant 
 services, and VOIP business solutions

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